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Life Without Judgment

Taken in the midst of Sarah's chemo treatment in 2010, this photo by Tony Cordoza features the makeup artistry of Gina Rivas-Velasquez and is part of their collaborative project Contemporary Tribal Markings. 

Sarah Lyman Kravits 

is a writer, teacher, and thinker. Over time she has come to understand judgment -- specifically negative judgment, of one's self as well as of others -- as a force that prevents the full realization of human identity and worth. Having to navigate Stage IIB breast cancer and the sudden loss of her only sibling, both within a few years, has sharpened her focus. She writes to provide tools to navigate life's challenges, empowering people to set paralyzing judgment aside, know their authentic selves, and understand their value. 


For over 20 years as an author of the Keys to Success series, Sarah has provided empowering perspectives to students as well as strategies to achieve personal goals. In her work as an academic coach at Rutgers University New Brunswick, she encourages students to take ownership of their thinking, build their metacognition, and move beyond self-judgment into self-actualization.


With her blog, which began its life during her cancer treatment as No defeat baby, no surrender at Blogspot, she has taken her message of Life Without Judgment beyond the classroom. Her writing also appears on grief-focused sites Open to Hope and Modern Loss. Currently she is ruminating on new ways to expand her message and help people navigate life's challenges. 

Sarah moved to Columbia, Maryland, with her family when she was two years old and grew up there. Her experience with the people and the values of Columbia informs everything she does. As a Columbia Pioneer, she seeks to grow and perpetuate the vision that drove James Rouse to create Columbia -- namely, that through fostering economic, racial, and cultural equity and harmony, we build a community where all can thrive. 


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