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Love coming now, more writing later

December -- when the ideas about things I want to write about come fast and furious, and life crashes in faster and furiouser. You can guess which prevails.

With various holidays to make happen for my family, the end of a semester featuring 75 final portfolios to grade (and grade thoughtfully, which is entirely different than just grading), a child's birthday (lack of planning on behalf of his parents, oh well), multiple activities at schools and synagogue, and a spouse away working, I've been spinning nonstop. Until I stop, and when I stop, I really stop. If anyone in my neighborhood has had to wake up super early and driven past my house at 4 am or so, you may have seen the lights blazing. That would be one of those nights when I got the kids all settled and lay down with a section of the newspaper for a moment, only to wake up about 5 o'clock in the morning, fully dressed and confused. At that point, once I realize what's going on, I generally go downstairs to turn all the lights off and start the dishwasher and go back upstairs to catch that last precious hour of sleep.

This Christmas eve is the warmest I can remember in my lifetime. The other day I was raking in my yard, and this is what I found under several layers of damp leaves. A determined dandelion making its way to the light. I've always had a particular fondness for dandelions, being a dandelion sort of person myself, someone who doggedly keeps on keeping on, year after year.

I am grateful to be alive, able to move and breathe. I am grateful to have food and a home. I am grateful above all for you, my friends and family. At this point the phrase "What more could I wish for?" comes into my mind -- but I won't include it, because I do know something very specific I could wish for that I cannot have. So I'll leave it where I left it.

Sending you love this holiday season, whatever holidays you celebrate. Sending you light as we pass the Winter Solstice, the longest night of the year. May your dandelions stay strong, whatever the weather.

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