Life Without Judgment

Why judgment? I'll tell you.

Why judgment? Why I have honed in on judgment as a prime source of unhappiness and killer of motivation? I am not talking about judgment in the sense of “good judgment” – critical thinking, careful weighing of options, thoughtful decision-making – we could all use as much of that type of judgment as our brains can possibly manage. I am talking about passing judgment, upon others or ourselves. Being judgmental. Finding ourselves or others wanting in a way that shuts a person down rather than providing encouragement and energy. Let me go back in time and provide some context. I was born with a completely outsized sense of responsibility and commitment. From an early age I was determined to do

You have the answer

What to do about cancer? You have your own best answer. Back in February, a Canadian study on mammography appeared in the news. The study results led the researchers to the claim that mammography is no more effective in preventing cancer than breast exams. Furthermore, the study implied that mammography could harm, rather than help, when it led to advanced treatments (surgery, chemotherapy, radiation) of cancers that may not have required such treatments. Here is the original article in the New York Times. As someone whose cancer was found by a routine mammogram, my initial gut response to this study was predictable. I find mammography rather important, given what mi


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