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Recipe for managing grief over the holidays

Here we are once again on the verge of the holiday season, with many preparing to celebrate both secular and religious holidays in the next couple of months. Like many people who have lost someone they love, I am wary – to say the least – of what the holidays will bring and how I will feel and experience them. This is my second round of end-of-year holidays since my brother’s death. The first round last year, despite all sorts of kind efforts from family and friends to make the season and its celebrations as enjoyable as possible, was brutal. Not having experienced this kind of loss before, I had no context for it, and could not anticipate or plan for my needs. As I stumbled from moment to

Beyond the swamp of confusion: What we CAN do about cancer

The latest doubt expressed in the cancer world is in regards to the mammogram, long (and still) the most commonly available and utilized screening method for breast cancer. Although we have ultrasound and MRI technology, those methods – especially the MRI – are not routinely used as annual screening tools, likely due to their being more expensive and less accessible. They are more typically used when a mammogram or manual exam detects something of concern. The American Cancer Society, as detailed in this New York Times article, has changed its recommendations for when and how often women should have mammograms. Previously, it was recommended that women begin annual mammograms at the age of


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