Life Without Judgment

Permission to feel

I have a question, or three, for you to answer – not for me, but for yourself. What are you not giving yourself permission to feel right now? What is it costing you at this moment, not to feel it? What would happen if you let it out? We humans often lock up one or more emotions in a box – maybe to protect ourselves, maybe to protect others, maybe a little of both. Tucking painful feelings away can serve a purpose at times, increasing our control, allowing us to put our most presentable selves front and center. Speaking for myself, I know I’ve boxed up feelings in this way in the past and I’m sure I will do it again. Most of my life I’ve had little trouble containing negative emotions, when I

Grief looks like...anything you can imagine.

I don’t recall having any concept of grief as I was growing up. Loss didn’t cross my path in any life-altering way until far into my adulthood. One of my grandfathers died before I was old enough to understand what it meant to lose him, and my brother and I did not attend the funeral – knowing what I know now as a parent, I think my parents chose wisely when they headed north for a few days and left us home with our other set of grandparents. I don’t recall having any sense of how the loss affected my parents, although I know now that they must have been grieving, particularly my mother because it was her father. I remember being caught completely off-guard once when I was older, probably ar


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