Life Without Judgment

How I made it through another October

October has an unwelcome effect on my energy and my brain function. I keep trying to think of the right metaphor for it. I have not yet succeeded, although writing this is part of my continuing attempt. I guess the October effect on me is so strong that it gets in the way of my ability to describe it, even. For most of my life, October has been a high point of the year. School, which I have always loved no matter whether I am attending or teaching, is in full swing. Autumn, which might just be my favorite season, is well on its way with the leaves here in the northeast blazing an earth-toned rainbow of colors. My wedding anniversary is in October as are the birthdays and anniversaries of ma

For Glennon Doyle Melton: An invitation to rethink "detour." You are on the path, every mo

I often read Glennon Doyle Melton’s blog Momastery, and have a deep appreciation for her generous honesty and down-to-earth humanity. She helps us claim permission to be, to feel, and to hope. She walks beside her readers, lightening the load on the journey as only a true friend can do. Recently I read her post “5 things I know about the path.” I reacted with an unexpected mix of feelings. Much of it resonated with me, especially the parts about having exactly what you need each day on the trek, and about crawling and flailing, and about teaching through loving (I can’t see any way to separate teaching and love, maybe that comes from being a grateful child of two devoted and caring teachers)


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